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Insights from the world's best medical minds
About TheRightDoctors
TheRightDoctors is a cloud-based platform that digitizes the engagement between doctors and patients and offers tools to both.

Adherence and Access are the problems we are trying to solve.

More than fifty percent of patients suffering from chronic diseases do not take their meds.
Doctors do not have access to ingestion data for medications they have prescribed.

Delivery of actionable insights from medical research has not changed in decades.Our Medical Content App keeps doctors updated with Insights from the World's Best Medical Minds. Panel Discussions, Talks and Key Take Away's videos which impact their day to day clinical practice.

Medical consultations currently are mostly based on personal visits. Even for follow ups. Access to your doctor becomes a challenge after leaving the out patient department or post discharge from hospital. Wouldn't it be nice if patients can connect with their own doctor for any follow up questions or a follow up consult without having to physically travel . Right from the comfort of their home / office / anywhere. Our Digital Patient Management app enables patients to send a request to their own doctors for non emergency consultations at the touch of a button.

Our automated systems collect real time protocol driven patient data and remind patients for medication they need to take long after they have left the doctor’s chamber. This enables doctors to take data driven decisions on subsequent visits.

Our services help patients lead healthier lives by reminding them for every med they need to take. Doctors are able to better serve new and existing patients and enhance their level of care by being digitally accessible.

Our Adherence tools will enable data driven decisions and build a foundation for machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities which will enable doctors to deliver better patient care.