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Dr. Jagat Narula, Dr. Srinath Reddy : Education For Healthy Living: A Universal Agenda

Be it cancer, heart disease, degenerative brain disease, Alzheimer’s or respiratory disease- causes are the same behavioral and dietary problems.
Dr.H.K.Chopra with Dr.Jagat Narula and Dr.Srinath Reddy
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Dr. Jagat Narula

Professor of Medicine, Director- Cardiovascular Imaging Program

Mount Sinai Hospital, New York

Dr. Srinath Reddy

Head of the Department of Cardiology

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Dr. HK Chopra

President, Cardiological Society of India

Moolchand Hospital

‘Prevention is better than cure’ – goes the age-old maxim, highly relevant to heart disease. Do not wait until you are a patient to learn more about it! In this conversation with Dr. HK Chopra, President CSI (Cardiology Society of India), legends of cardiology, Dr. Srinath S Reddy, President of Public Health Foundation and Dr. Jagat Narula, trustee of American College of Cardiology, highlight the importance of well-being and adoption of a healthy lifestyle. Tobacco, high blood pressure and diabetes are major risk factors triggering a slew of diseases. “Reduction of trans-fat and sugar content in processed foods, tobacco control by increasing taxes and effective pictorial warnings, more physical activity and standard prescription guidelines for general physicians and cardiac experts alike are the way-to-go for better heart disease prevention and treatment.” Dr. Jagat Narula talks of the days of stethoscope being numbered due to evolving technologies in imaging, which would enable doctors to see any organ with a handheld ultrasound. He however rules out a complete dependence on it. “While imaging could be useful in diagnosis of latent heart disease, there is no better method of prevention than attacking risk factors, which are the dietary and behavioural patterns of individuals.” “Education for a healthy lifestyle must begin at a stage where risk factors like obesity and smoking are yet to develop.” Children form the most important target group for such education- ‘Hriday’, a program aimed at spreading awareness in school children could be one way forward.

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Multi-Modality Imaging

Dr.HK Chopra Panel: Dr Amal Banerjee, Dr.Satyendra Tewari, Dr. Jagat Narula and Dr.RR Kasliwal

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Dr.HK Chopra

Best Selling Author - STEMI,Chairman, CSI National Affairs,Past President (2015)

Dr. Amal Banerjee


CSI International Affairs

Dr. Satyendra Tewari

Sr. Prof. Dept. of Cardiology

SGPGI, Lucknow

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