Managing Valve Disease
Dr. Sudhir Wahi
How artifacts in Echocardiography can impact diagnosis
Dr. Hardeep Kaur
How to Pre-empt Heart Attacks?
Dr. RR Kasliwal
40 years of ECHO in Infective Endocarditis
Dr. R Alagesan
What is Mitral Valve Regurgitation and its Effects
Dr. Satish Govind
Epidemc of CAD and diabetes
Dr. CK Ponde
Role of Digital Technology in Medical Education
Dr. HK Chopra In Conversation with Mr. Shailesh Joshi
Is it LV noncompaction cardiomyopathy or its mimics?
Dr. Kameswari Maganti
AFI Strain will give better results to you with good clinical correlation
Dr. Digambar Naik
Heart fatigue in athletes
Dr. Shantanu Sen Gupta
Pleiotropic effects of Azilsartan
Dr. AK Pancholia
Women not equal to men: A Cardiologist perspective
Dr.Geetha Subramanyam
Strain is the new ejection fraction of the heart
Dr. Allan L Klein
Severe Cyanosis but no murmur
Dr. IB Vijayalakshmi
Online simulation fellowships
Dr. Poonam Malhotra
Diagnosis and complications of Aortic Aneurysm
Dr. Janaradhan
Rare Cardiac Tumours
Dr. Pawan Sharma
Complications of Cardiomyopathy
Dr. Natesa G Pandian
Role of Digital Technology in Medical Education
Dr. HK Chopra In Conversation with Mr. Shailesh Joshi
3D Echo - A must for Paravalvular Leak Closure
Dr. Sunil Mankad
3D Echo is useful in accurately calculating ejection fraction
Dr. V Amuthan
Can Aortic Regurgitation occur to right ventricle?
Dr. IB Vijayalakshmi
Jaipur How to prevent Heart Attack
Dr. Sandeep Juneja
Strain - The New LVEF
Dr. Rajat Subhra Ghose
Echocardiography as a bedside life saving tool
Dr. Nandita Chakrabarti
Importance of 3D ECHO Imaging
Dr. Joseph F Maalouf
Hypothermia in Post Cardiac Arrest patients
Dr. Sourabh Kole
Heart Attack - Implications and an Action Plan
Dr. Vivek Gupta
Echo with telemedicine creates a multiple effect
Dr. Sameer Srivastava
Recent Advances in Echocardiography and their impact on clinical practice
Dr. Navin C Nanda
Interventional Echocardiograhy is here to stay
Dr. Prayaag Kini
Are you having a Heart Attack: What you should be doing
Dr. Soumitra Kumar
What to do when Carotid arteries get blocked
Dr. Rakesh Gupta
Importance of Strain Imaging and its advantages
Dr. Manish Bansal
Dr.K Chandra Sekhar
Could handheld echocardiography replace a stethoscope?
Dr. Hardeep Kaur
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