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Acute Rheumatic fever - Diagnosis in 2017 what has changed

Journey As FOGSI President

Dr. Rishma Pai

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Dr. Chandrahas Trivedi

Pelvic organ prolapse..
Dr. C H Trivedi

Dr. Jeanne A. Conry

Impact of Environmental..
Dr. Jeanne A. Conry

Dr. Dilip Dutta

Post partum hemorrhage
Dr. Dilip Dutta

Emcure AICOG tv 2018 : Highlights

Emcure CSI tv
The Interview
Dr. K Sarat Chandra , Consultant Cardiologist

An overview of the scientific feast at CSICON 2017 from the Chairperson, Scientific Committee and President Elect

Dr. K Sarat Chandra

Dr. Santanu Guha
CSI Position statement on Management of HF in INDIA

Dr. Santanu Guha

Dr. MS Hiremath
Management of STEMI

Dr. MS Hiremath

Emcure CSI tv, Prof. Dr. G.N. Mahapatra,  TheRightDoctors
Stress Nuclear Imaging

Prof. Dr. GN Mahapatra

Dr. KK Sethi
ICD’s in Non Ischemic cardiomyopathy and Prevention of sudden cardiac death

Dr. KK Sethi

Dr. PK Deb

ACE inhibitor or ARNI –what should be used in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction

Dr. PK Deb

Dr. Amal Banerjee

Patient Presenting after 4 hrs of chest pain to hospital with no Cath Lab facility

Dr. Amal Banerjee

In Conversation
One More Thing
Dr. Mantosh Panja

Current status of PCI in post CABG And post PCI

Dr.Mantosh Panja

Dr.Brian Pinto

Single stent strategy is the superior strategy in ...

Dr.Brian Pinto

 Dr.Jeroen Bax

Preventive polypill therapy to be given to all ?

Dr.Jeroen Bax

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WCCPCI 2016 Coverage

Dr. HK Chopra
Dr. Sathish Gupta
Dr. Naveen C Nanda...
Revolution Talk

CSINIC 2016 Coverage

Dr. HK Chopra
Dr. Shiv Kumar
Dr. Viveka Kumar
Dr. Amuthan
Dr. Veeramani
Dr. Satyam Tiwari
Dr. Santanu Guha
Revolution Talk

Revolution Talk Coverage

Dr. HK Chopra
Dr. SK Parashar
Dr. Amal Banerjee
Dr. Mohan Nair
Dr. BRJ Kanna
Dr. Shivrajan
Dr. Rishi Sethi
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