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CSINIC 2016: Live Cases

Balloon Mitral Valvotomy By Dr. CN Manjunath From ...

Dr. Manjunath

Live From Apollo Jubilee Hills: Optical Coherence ...

Dr. Samin Sharma, Dr. PC Rath

LAD Bifurcation Lesion By Dr. Samin Sharma From Mo...

Dr. Samin Sharma

Tapered Stent in LAD by Dr. Seshgiri Rao Live From...

Dr. Seshgiri Rao

Dr. J Shiv kumar Live From Apollo Secunderabad- LA...

Dr. J Shiv kumar

Cross Over Stent By Dr. MS Hiremath And Dr. Narasa...

Dr. MS Hiremath

Bilateral Stenting In External Iliacs Before Aorti...

Dr. NN Khanna

Live: LAD PCI by Dr. T Sashikanth

Dr. Sashikanth

Live From Jaideva Bangalore- Femoral Approach To L...

Dr. VK Trehan

Live: Left Main Stenting By Dr. SJ Park

Dr. SJ Park

Live From Asan Medical Center South Korea- PCI By ...

Dr. SJ Park

Placing A Balloon Without Boosting

Dr. Rabin Chakraborty

Live: PCI In The Right Coronary Artery by Dr. Chri...

Dr. Chris Naber

Live From Fortis Escorts- Elective PCI

Dr. Ashok Seth

RSOV Closure By Dr. Rajesh Vijayvergiya From Jaide...

Dr. Rajesh Vijayvergiya

Live From Sunshine Hospital- LAD Bifurication

Dr. Sridhar Kasturi