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Increasing mental component in most illnesses makes introduction of spirituality in treatment and management of the body the next big thing.
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Dr. Navin C Nanda

Director of Echocardiography

University of Alabama, USA

Dr. HK Chopra

President, Cardiological Society of India

Moolchand Hospital

<b>Dr. Navin C Nanda, the International President of WCCPCI and a world icon in echocardiography congratulates Dr. HK Chopra on the launch of a World Center for Clinical Preventive Cardiology Imaging and Emergency Services in coordination with Brahma Kumaris at Mt. Abu.</b> <b>Dr. Nanda highlights the potential of spirituality in the healthcare industry along with technological advances in imaging and the potential of imaging in early diagnosis of heart disease .“While imaging is a cost-effective tool for diagnosis, absence of side effects or any discomfort to the patient also makes it a great technology.”</b> <b>With 50% deaths occurring before a patient can reach a hospital or due to lack of access to a PCI-capable facility, the emergency services of the World Centre for Clinical Preventive focus on saving lives by training paramedicals in handling patients.<b>

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