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Dr. Navin C Nanda, Dr. HK Chopra: Mingling Science And Spirituality For A Healthy Heart

Increasing mental component in most illnesses makes introduction of spirituality in treatment and management of the body the next big thing.
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Dr. Navin C Nanda

Director of Echocardiography

University of Alabama, USA

Dr. HK Chopra

President, Cardiological Society of India

Moolchand Hospital

Dr. Navin C Nanda, the International President of WCCPCI and a world icon in echocardiography congratulates Dr. HK Chopra on the launch of a World Center for Clinical Preventive Cardiology Imaging and Emergency Services in coordination with Brahma Kumaris at Mt. Abu.   Dr. Nanda highlights the potential of spirituality in the healthcare industry along with technological advances in imaging and the potential of imaging in early diagnosis of heart disease .   “While imaging is a cost-effective tool for diagnosis, absence of side effects or any discomfort to the patient also makes it a great technology.”   With 50% deaths occurring before a patient can reach a hospital or due to lack of access to a PCI-capable facility, the emergency services of the World Centre for Clinical Preventive focus on saving lives by training paramedicals in handling patients.

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Multi-Modality Imaging

Dr.HK Chopra Panel: Dr Amal Banerjee, Dr.Satyendra Tewari, Dr. Jagat Narula and Dr.RR Kasliwal

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Dr.HK Chopra

Best Selling Author - STEMI,Chairman, CSI National Affairs,Past President (2015)

Dr. Amal Banerjee


CSI International Affairs

Dr. Satyendra Tewari

Sr. Prof. Dept. of Cardiology

SGPGI, Lucknow

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