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Dr. Santanu Guha, Dr. Venkat S Ram: Public Awareness On Hypertension: A National Priority

High blood pressure doesn’t show symptoms unless a major cardiovascular complication occurs
Dr. HK Chopra with Dr. Santanu Guha and Dr. Venkat S Ram
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Dr. Santanu Guha

Sr. Cardiologist

Nightingale Hospital, Kolkata

Dr. Venkat S Ram

Director of Apollo Institute for Blood Pressure Management

Apollo Blood Pressure Clinics,Hyderabad

Dr. HK Chopra

Senior Cardioloigst

Moolchand Medcity, New Delhi

Did you think high blood pressure was no big deal? Well, so did the medical fraternity and the government of India. Termed as a ‘silent killer’, hypertension doesn’t get medical attention in India unless it develops into a cardiovascular complication. A conversation with Dr. C Venkat Ram, a world authority on hypertension and Dr. Santhanu the incoming President of Cardiology Society of India (CSI), throws light on a much neglected, yet most common problem of hypertension. Citing huge government campaigns for communicable diseases like malaria and tuberculosis, which also involve primary health centres in rural areas, Dr. Guha tells Dr. HK Chopra, President CSI, about the epidemic of hypertension not getting the attention it deserves. “To address the pandemic of cardiovascular disease that has engulfed India, public awareness has now become a national priority. And for awareness to percolate to grass root levels, government intervention becomes indispensable.” To further this mission, Dr. Venkat Ram has also launched a Journal of Hypertension which aids medical professionals in understanding practical applications of scientific advances for the treatment and diagnosis of hypertension.

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Multi-Modality Imaging

Dr.HK Chopra Panel: Dr Amal Banerjee, Dr.Satyendra Tewari, Dr. Jagat Narula and Dr.RR Kasliwal

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Dr.HK Chopra

Best Selling Author - STEMI,Chairman, CSI National Affairs,Past President (2015)

Dr. Amal Banerjee


CSI International Affairs

Dr. Satyendra Tewari

Sr. Prof. Dept. of Cardiology

SGPGI, Lucknow

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