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Dr. HK Chopra, Dr. Amuthan, Dr. Veeramani: Evolving Techniques In The Field Of Interventional Cardiology

3D Echo and 4D Echo technology to be incorporated in the Interventional Cardiology
Dr. HK Chopra, Chairman, National CSI Affairs,President Cardiological Society of India-2015, Dr. Amuthan,Senior Interventional Cardiologist,Vadamalayan Hospital, Madurai, Dr. Veeramani,DM-Cardiology,R K Cardiacare Centre, Dindigul Evovling Techniques in the field of Interventional Cardiology
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Dr. HK Chopra

Chairman, National CSI Affairs

President Cardiological Society of India-2015

Dr. Amuthan

Senior Interventional Cardiologist

Vadamalayan Hospital, Madurai

Dr. Veeramani


RK Cardiacare Centre, Dindigul

In the field of interventional cardiology, we are now adding a third and fourth dimension by adding echocardiography which have a fusion images of echocardiography over the fluoroscopy so that the interventional cardiology will be used

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Multi-Modality Imaging

Dr.HK Chopra Panel: Dr Amal Banerjee, Dr.Satyendra Tewari, Dr. Jagat Narula and Dr.RR Kasliwal

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Dr.HK Chopra

Best Selling Author - STEMI,Chairman, CSI National Affairs,Past President (2015)

Dr. Amal Banerjee


CSI International Affairs

Dr. Satyendra Tewari

Sr. Prof. Dept. of Cardiology

SGPGI, Lucknow

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