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Complete Transcript:

Dr. Dharmendra Jain First of all I would like to thank Dr. Geetha Subramanian who joined our institute as a professor and head of the department and she informed me that Dr. Rama Krishnan from AIIMS is having a drive for Great India BP Survey and you should go to the highest number possible in India. So that is the drive which I had with madam.
Dr. Geetha Subramaniyam That is the drive for the drive.
Dr. Dharmendra Jain So we went ahead with that goal of, I asked Dr. Rama that what is the maximum number which we can achieve at a center expected. So he told around 5000 maximum from AIIMS, JIPMER, Safdarjung sites. So I told that I will go for 10,000. So I thought like that I will go for double goal, then I talked to madam, madam told why should you think of less, think of high, think of 1 lakh patients to be screened at Varanasi only and then I immediately ordered 50,000 forms to be printed and I targeted like that only and whenever I talked to the people at the BHU itself, they came with a huge man-power support and huge support from the city. So whenever I talked to the in-charges of railway stations or public places, they were ready with everything to support with me. So they came with a zeal that this is the thing which we are awaiting since long and we tried to get it maximum, we put our stalls everywhere with the help of man power from BHU, BHU also had students like some NGOs are working in BHU itself, run by students like Help the helping and Youth Foundation and the NSS also working in the BHU and the nursing college is there in the BHU and our medical college is there. So, many faculties came together and we got around 600 people man power. Man power was there and then we thought of machines, BP machines. So we requested for that. I got machines from Dr. Rama also and from other sources and we could achieve this with around 200 machines working with 600 people. So we divided into four people per team and I announced with the madam’s advice that whosoever performs maximum will be awarded.
Dr. Geetha Subramaniyam I think incentive is the best drive.
Dr. Dharmendra Jain So incentive was a drive and they were working their 600% . So what is whole idea given by madam, so I would like to thank to guide me for such a great situation. I was waiting for such event for whole life. Because this is the event which I want for population. So now madam is there and we can go with this drive forever at regular intervals. We will do such things regularly with professor Geetha Subramanyam.
Dr. Geetha Subramaniyam Every action starts from a thought. Thought is only like a seed of a big banyan tree. The thought is properly sown in the proper environment and a proper field, naturally it will grow into banyan tree. Nobody can stop its growth, not even a storm can stop it. I always tell people, the comparison I take is from Mahatma Gandhi. Even before Mahatma Gandhi all the 100 crore population wanted freedom. Everybody wanted to fight but did not know how to fight. They were afraid there may be damage or something may happen. So they never took the first step. In the world, the first person who takes the first step is the leader. So when he took the first step in his frail frame at an old age the entire young India and the old India was ready to come behind him. So the first step is the right step, first step is the best step, first step is the guiding step and first step only creates a leader. So that is why I told Jay, you do not think of other things, what has not happened so far, you are doing it, you are the leader. So when I told him like how Jambavan told Hanuman in Ramayana, he got a vishwarupa and he did the work and got the award for the highest number.
Dr. Dharmendra Jain Yeah congratulations Dr. Jain and Geetha Mam.
Dr. Dharmendra Jain We have done with the help of madam and with the help of our director. I should say thank to him also. He is professor S. S. Pandey our director and our hospital medical superintendent professor K. K. Gupta. He helped us a lot and encouraged us to go ahead with the greatest number possible and he had given whole residents of his unit, his department, so everybody has given manpower and everything whatever they are having to support us.
Dr. Geetha Subramaniyam This is what I told you, take the PGs, paramedics everything.
Dr. Dharmendra Jain We achieved 10,088 people only from a single campus, BHU campus, and another more than 5000 from the city. Our city number was less because we had rains and whole day that day morning, afternoon, evening so the people could not come to those public places, but still at Vishnu temple inside the BHU, we had the maximum number, more than 3500 and we recruited people there because it was Monday. So Vishnu temple, maximum crowding was there and people were telling us to go beyond 5, but it was 9 to 5 only drive, so we had to stop at 5.
Dr. Geetha Subramaniyam There were inspectors for each center to find out whether work is being done or not. So, observation certificate should be given and one auditor also.
Dr. Dharmendra Jain There were two observers and one auditor everybody was there to support us to go with the Limica book of records.
Dr. Geetha Subramaniyam And you know how we did the drive. You see in order to wipe out the idea that we have done some bogus drive every patient’s name was recorded, his cell number was recorded , his signature was taken, he has certified us my BP was genuinely taken in this camp. We gave a cut out to him of this slip also with BP to the person. So in that way it was infallible record. It is not just BP taking, it was taking the authentication from the patient, from the observers, and also from the auditors.
Dr. Dharmendra Jain How do you want to take it forward now?
Dr. Dharmendra Jain So that is the whole idea of this Great India BP Survey that we should go forward with such ideas and we should include more and more population because it is 1,80,000 in 120 crore population, it is very, I think.
Dr. Geetha Subramaniyam But anyways, anything well begun is half done, anything well begun is half done, and what we can do and instead of Great India BP Drive we can have Great Banaras BP drive and cover the entire population there.
Dr. Dharmendra Jain We will try to make an awareness. It is a spark. So we want to make an awareness among the people and they come forward and they should get the BP checked. I will give you an example that one man of Ganga Aarti at Assi Ghat, I was there at 4 pm and he was not ready to check the BP and he was sitting a little away and I requested him, he was not coming, somehow he came to check the BP and he was asymptomatic and he was not ready. Then we got BP checked, it was 220/140; I checked it three times. 220/140 and he was asymptomatic. So this is the message to the population that first you should come ahead, get it checked at regular intervals, it is not one time, it should be checked at regular interval. It is a silent killer. You must be aware of that, it is a silent killer and we should get it checked regularly, then only we can pick it and we can nip in the bud, this big silent killer.
Dr. Geetha Subramaniyam So the main message I want to give you is prevention is better than cure is only for the 20th century, the slow pace of life. In the 21st century prevention is only cure, with the escalating cost of life and the stress of life. Prevention is the only cure and that way this BP drive really helps. Why I am talking, from my experience, from 07/09/1986 we had the first preventive cardiology camp with no lesser person than Mr. P. Chidambaram and Moopanar. My husband was the chief secretary of this medical wing for the congress. We have done so many hundreds of camps all over Tamil Nadu. Each camp will have the theme, Hospital is where the patient is. We are not just checking BP alone, checking sugar, thyroid, ultrasound, echocardiography everything will be done for every patient, The hospital is where the patient is. The patient may find difficult to come to hospital for so many reasons, lack of communication, lack of money, but we go in search of the patients, take the equipments there. It was very easy. I would like to say humbly that I got more than 250 national awards for my preventive cardiology camps. In the same Taj Palace I got about 10 awards, Best Citizen of India thrice, Bharat Jyothi, Bharat Guarav, Millennium cardiologist and so many awards, Siddhantha Sirormani like that, so many from so many central ministers, from Karnataka, Andhra, everywhere. What I mean to say is we never go to the idea of getting the awards. I never displayed those awards also. I keep them inside my box cart. Only theme is if you approach a patient with an open mind and it is not for the sake of your self improvement or profession, we give for every patient from this camp one-year follow up, so that Bible says, “To thine own self be true.” So, not the idea of improving my professional glory, it is for the patient, so we give one year free followup card. This has been observed and people have given more than 250 awards and I got best doctor, best writer, best teacher and life time achievement from our Medical University for all these achievements only. What I mean to say, I will not call them as achievement, they are all sampling survey for me to know if you take the first step, thousands are willing to take the next step, very next day and lakhs and lakhs are willing to take the third step. So you are never alone in this world. Many times we underestimate our potential like Hanumanji. Hanumanji did not know he can cross the ocean, but I do not have to tell him, you have got the capacity, you can take vishawarupa and cross, in no time he crossed. If you remember Ramayana, the name of Ramayana had more power than Rama himself. How, because he said Rama’s name and crossed the ocean just like that, but Rama to cross the ocean and fight they say Hanumanji had to create a bridge . So what matters ultimately is the mind and the mind power. The mind power is okay and you have true honest idea to do good, nothing can stop you, you are unstoppable, you are not impossible, you can say I am possible. This is what Dr. Jain has done. I feel very proud of him.
Dr. Manish Verma Thank you so much Dr. Jain and thank you Geetha maam for very nice initiative and taking it very positively and aggressively.
Dr. Geetha Subramaniyam One more thing I want to say. Each person’s patient profile is different. My clinic is in a very leading shopping complex in Chennai called Spencer Plaza. So when I checked up 600 and odd patients, 80% were below 28 years, and many of them, you will be surprised to learn, I used to feel all of these are from alcohol, smoke and all. All the youngsters are telling, we do not go near them, that means we have to give our money to you after 40 years. You will not go any of those drugs, but they have become extreme food facts due to over education of health (12:00), all of them are underweight, less muscle mass, less body mass less, less bone mass, so the BP of Young India is not above 110/80. 90% have BP only below 110/80, so again health education is going to other extreme, now we have to make people to eat and have some muscle mass and bone mass. Because at this stage we are going to be like that totally protected from the sunlight, sunlight is a natural doctor. There are 6 natural doctors who do not ask you consultation, do not ask you appointment, do not ask you heavy fees. Sunlight, good air, good water, good food, sleep, pets. These are doctors who can heal you and cure you in no time without any consultation. But all these people unfortunately get heavy salary, sit inside a dark room in front of a computer for hours together. EMR radiation, EMR radiation I used to think all these days it produces high BP because I found computer personnel in the middle age getting hypertension. Computer person young age below 25 are getting hypotension . So this is a sort of dichotomisation of the response. Below 28 years they all have low BP and above 40 years they go high BP. So, again this is a skewed lifestyle situation. Now we have to correct the misapprehensions in the young and over indulgence in old.
Dr. Manish Verma Thank you so much.

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