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Complete Transcript:

Prof. RK Saran I am Prof. R. K. Saran from KG Medical University, Lucknow. On my left is Prof. V. S. Narain and on my right is Prof. Rishi Sethi who spearheaded this Great India Blood Pressure Campaign Program in Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh. Our program was unique in the sense that honorable Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav Ji along with many cabinet ministers and many principal secretaries inaugurated this program at his house in front of 100 media persons and this was followed by wide coverage in the present media which lead to big awareness of the blood pressure in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
Prof. VS Narain Yeah, I think it is a wonderful initiative and I am happy to be part of it because blood pressure is the most important factor which causes increased incidence of cerebrovascular disease and if you control it in time I think you can get a bit reduction the 25% reduction in cerebrovascular mortality which we are aiming by 2025 to so called 2525 program, and we are going to follow this up by installing automatic blood pressure measuring machines in our OPDs where the patients can come, their relatives can come. It will not only help detect people with high blood pressure but also increase awareness and I think most of the doctors here can also take up this initiative and use this automated blood pressure measurement in their clinics also.
Prof. Rishi Sethi I would just like to add that what started with a spark has actually ended in an inferno. I only hope that we can keep the momentum growing and then we can help in reducing the overall burden of cardiovascular diseases in our country.

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