Prevalence of Cardio Vascular Diseases in Male vs Female
Dr.Asha Moorthy
When to add coronary calcium scoring to functional imaging?
Dr.Daniel S Berman
FFR and Intravascular Ultrasound in Evaluation of Coronary Artery Disease
Dr. Satyendra Tewari
Strategy of STEMI Management in India
Dr. Alok Kumar Singh
Current & future of PET, SPECT, CT & CMR in era of value based imaging
Dr. Daniel S Berman
Heart and Double Transplant – Indian experience
Dr.T Sundar
Role of Coronary Intervention
Dr.Sushil Kumbhat
Management of Atrial Fibrillation in Valvular heart disease
Dr. Panchanan Sahu
Echo assessment of right ventricular Function: what is the relevance in Clinical practice ?
Dr. RJ Manjuran
Will pharmaco invasive therapy replace PAMI?
Dr.Ajit Mullasari
New onset LBBB no longer a STEMI equivalent
Dr. Ajay Naik
Cardiac Imaging – The Next Decade
Dr. Richard Underwood
Transcatheter aortic valve implantation
Dr. Brian Pinto in Conversation with Dr. Fayaz Shawl
LV function assessment – looking beyond the ejection fraction
Dr Amrish Agrawal
2D Doppler, Color Doppler or Transesophageal ?
Dr. RR Kasliwal
Synergy of BNP and Echo in Heart Failure
Dr. Amal K Banerjee
Myocardial Imaging Agents Evaluation, Change for the Better
Dr. N Ramamoorthy
Medical Treatment of HF 2016
Dr.Prafulla Kerkar
Clinical perspectives and ideal Approaches
Dr. PK Goel
Practical myocardial perfusion imaging Protocol – one day vs two days
Dr. Abhishek Gupta
Role of Myocardial Perfusion SPECT And Revascularization
Prof. S Rasoul Zakavi
Myocardial perfusion in understanding the underlying heart failure
Dr.Karan Peepre
Basics of Doppler Echocardiography For Physicians
Dr.Mohsin B Ansari
The evolving interface of surgical and transcatheter valve therapies
Dr. Mani Vannan
Role of Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI) in the asessment of post stent And post CABG evaluation
Dr. BR Mittal
Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty – Present status
Dr. Mrutyunjaya Behera
Tuberculosis and Cardiovascular diseases
Dr. Keng Yung Jih Felix
High triglyceride increases the risk of mortality – an evidence based review
Dr.Sadaanand Shetty
Status of betablocker in treatment of hypertension
Dr. Satyanarayan Routray
Role of imaging in TAVI
Dr.Johann Christopher
Real World Indication for CMR : When is it invaluable in Clinical Practice
Prof. Eike Nagel
Stress MR perfusion imaging
Dr.Sanjaya Viswamitra
Rubidium-82 Myocardial Perfusion Imaging – clinical applications
Dr. PK Pradhan
Current clinical approach to assessment and management of dyspnoea
Dr. P Paranthaman
New insights in Echo evaluation of Heart failure with normal EF
Dr.CK Ponde
Intervention for LMCA- A viable alternative to bypass surgery
Dr. DS Gambhir
Role of Nuclear Imaging
Dr. Srikant Solav
Innovation of new tracers in the era of Multi Modality of Cardiac Imaging
Dr. Padmakar Kulkarni
Radiation safety in Nuclear Cardiology: Indian Scenario
Dr.Pankaj Tandon
Role of Coronary CTA and CT FFR
Dr.Ravi Bathina
Stress CT perfusion imaging
Dr.Johann Christopher
PET-MR in Cardiovascular disease - Indian Experience
Dr. Amarnath Jena
Role of Echo
Dr. Vijayalakshmi
Role of quality improvement Programmes in Nuclear Cardiology
Dr. Sobhan Vinjamuri
Toxins and Heart Tales from Tropics
Dr. S.Senthilkumaran
Prevention and Regresssion of CAD
Dr.SC Manchanda
Tuberculosis and Cardiovascular diseases
Dr. Prof Mike Sathekge
Role of Echo in right heart Hemodynamic information
Dr.Harin Vyas
Statin Intolerance
Dr. AK Pancholia
Role of assessment of Coronary Floor Reserve (CFR)
Dr.Ashwin Sood
Current status of PCI in post CABG And post PCI
Dr.Mantosh Panja
Role of Nuclear Imaging in Diagnosis and Assessment of CAD
Dr. GN Mahapatra
Clinical decision making with Myocardial perfusion imaging
Dr. Mythri Shankar
Options for the heart failure patients who has run out of options
Dr. Prof. Ani Anyanwu
Lipid regulators – Evidence Based Selection for Optimal Outcome
Bhupen N Desai
PCSK-9 inhibitors: A new revolution has begun
Dr. PC Manoria
Role of CT Angio in predicting Cardiac Risks
Dr. Rakesh Varma
Real World Evidence Based STEMI PCI Service: The Australian Experience
Dr.Richard Lim
Coronary CTA or SPECT: When to do what?
Dr. Mark I. Travin
Stress ECG testing: Where do you Stand today?
Dr. SB Gupta
Role of CTA
Dr.Rajeev Mehta
How early to treat and manage? : Cardiologist perspective
Dr. Satyendra Tewari
SPECT & PET imaging for evaluation Of Cardio Myopathy
Dr. Zuo Xiang He
Ruby Fill – Rb82 cl: 21st Century Workhorse
Dr.Norman La France
Challenges in myocardial perfusion Imaging in heart failure
Dr. E. Prabhu
Role of Cardiologists perspective
Dr. DB Pahlajani
Dual Anti-Platelet Therapy after PCI
Dr. K Sarat Chandra
Multi Modality Imaging : An Overview
Dr Jagat Narula
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