Obstructive sleep apnoea
Dr. Kajal Ganguly
Myocardial Viability by Cardiac MRI
Dr. Johann Christopher
Anticoagulants and perioperative management
Dr. Mona Bhatia
Stress Nuclear Imaging
Prof. Dr. G.N. Mahapatra
Anticoagulants and perioperative management
Dr. Geevar Zachariah
Nuclear Imaging in patients with chronic stable angina
Prof. Dr. G.N. Mahapatra
Optimization of Outcome in primary PCI- Handware to hardware
Dr. Jabir Abdullakutty
Emerging risk factors & Prevention of cardiovascular diseases
Dr. Massimo Piepoli
All patients of NSTEMI should undergo immediate invasive strategy
Dr. C.N. Makhale
Importance of Stress Echocardiography
Dr. Vijay Raghavan
LVEF is all that I care about, nothing can beat it
Dr. Navin C Nanda
Role of PPI’s with antiplatelets in Post PTCA patients
Dr. Satyendra Tewari
Accurate measurement of BP
Dr. B.A. Muruganathan
Pharmaco-invasive therapy in Management of STEMI
Dr.Imran Ahmed
Risk factors for mortality in modern age
Dr. Geeta Subramanyam
Peripartum Cardiomyopathy [PPCM] ( Women and Heart Disease):
Dr. Asha Moorthy
PCSK9 inhibitors
Dr. PC Manoria
Quality & safety improvement in acute cardiovascular care in India
Dr. PP Mohanan
Statins in Diabetes
Dr.Harsh Wardhan
Bleeding scores
Dr.Upendra kaul
Evaluation of CAD: stress Echo will tell you - more
Dr. Nitin Burkule
Life style modification a magic pill
Dr. P Ramachandran
Heart failure
Dr.Vidyut Jain
Role of CT Angiography in heart Disease
Dr. Y Chandrashekhar
Dr.Jamshed Dalal
Dr Ashok Seth
Dr. AK Pancholia
Dr. Amal Banerjee
Dr. Saumitra Ray
Acute Rheumatic fever - Diagnosis in 2017 what has changed
Dr. Ajay Kumar Sinha
LDL-C less than 40%mg - IS it harmful or not?
Dr. Ananda Bagchi
Dr. Sameer Srivastava
Dr. K Sarat Chandra
Dr.Mona Bhatia
Azilsartan, the newest ARB for aggressive BP reduction
Dr. Rituparna Shinde
Bifurcation Disease - LM - My most Educative cases
Dr. A Sreenivas Kumar
Explaining the epidemic of CHD in south Asia: A new causal hypothesis
Dr. Prof. Raj. S. Bhopal
hs CRF - should it intence any statin Prescription
Dr.Sadaanand Shetty
Approaches to reduce burden of CVD in India
Dr. D Prabhakaran
Complications of TAVR
Dr. Ravindra Singh Rao
ICD’s in Non Ischemic cardiomyopathy and Prevention of sudden cardiac death
Dr.KK Sethi
Preventive Cardiology – Do's and Demerits to prevent the heart attack
Dr. Sai Ravi Shanker
Drugs that I can’t Avoid knowing: Canagliflozin
Dr.Dharmendra Jain
ACC/AHA 2017 Hypertension guidelines: Impact on Indian Practitioners
Dr.Tiny Nair
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