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Indians more prone to diabetes and metabolic syndrome

This is the result of lifestyle factors like lack of exercise and abnormal dietary pattern
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Dr. AK Pancholia

</b> Because of several lifestyle factors which contribute more to the Indians, the lack of exercise, less consumption of the fresh fruits and vegetables, more abnormal dietary pattern also. We consume more carbohydrates as compared to the Caucasians and that is responsible for more hyperinsulinemia and postprandial hyperglycemia with lower levels of HDL and higher levels of triglycerides. So, lifestyle factor contributes more to why the diabetes is more prone in Indians and why metabolic syndrome is more prone in Indians. Another issue, why we have more fat percentage as compared to the Caucasians, because the subcutaneous area in the Caucasians is more. So they adopt adipose tissues during the positive energy balance. While in case of these Asian-Indians, they have less capacity to adopt this adipose tissue in the subcutaneous area and that spills over into the intra-abdominal area and the ectopic sites and therefore we have more fat percentage. Indians, they are getting metabolic syndrome and all the complications 10 years early as compared to the Caucasians.

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