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Dr. Ashok Seth: Message On World Heart Day

Hypertension causes 50% chance of stroke, 40% chance of heart failure and 25% chance of dying from a heart attack
Dr Ashok Seth, Chairman and Cardiologist, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi, Message on World Heart Day
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Dr. Ashok Seth

Chairman & Cardiologist

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi

“So the message is simple- get your blood pressure checked because 66% of urban population doesn’t know that they have high blood pressure. And from among those who know they have high blood pressure, 45% of them are not well controlled,” says Dr. Ashok Seth. Hypertension, a silent killer, has put a large segment of Indian population at risk of heart attacks, heart failures and strokes. “Simple lifestyle modifications like eating less salt, having more fruits and vegetables, regular exercise and a normal body weight, can get your blood pressure down by 20 mm and decrease the incidence of heart attack by 25%.”

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Dr. Samin Sharma In Conversation with Dr.Brian Pinto

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Dr. Samin Sharma

Interventional Cardiologist,

Mount Sinai Hospital, US

Dr. Brian Pinto

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Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai

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