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Complete Transcript:

e said in 20 th century, prevention is better than cure. In 21 st century, we should remember that prevention is the only cure because cost of treatment has escalated very much and many persons fall sick at age of 40. He has to spend all the earnings of life on his health, so this brings us to the role of the doctors in preventing the heart disease in this country. Now the WCC PCA 2016 is doing enormous job in increasing the awareness of the doctors regarding the mammoth nature of the heart problem and also increasing their level of knowledge as to how to prevent them. So this is a very great opportunity for medical fraternity to increase the personal level of awareness of the patients and patients should be educated (0100) to at least prevent the heart disease in near future because now our India is the India of Gandhiji’s dreams, this is truly young India but unfortunately this young India, lot of young patients go for early heart attack because of the bad lifestyle. So the doctors not only are there to treat the patients, their prime duty is to prevent the disease and they have to come forward to in different ways to enhance the public awareness of the heart problem, diabetes as well as hypertension. As India is having a highest number of diabetics, hypertension as well as ischemic heart disease, not only that our big curse is the syndrome X that is central obesity that is the obesity around the abdomen which is followed by diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia as well as heart disease. (0200)So this is the curse of India and every doctor should be aware to change the pattern of life for their patients and they should not fail in their prime opportunity and the duty to improve the patients a lot.

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