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Dr. PC Manoria: LDL-control Formula: Diet+Statins+Ezetimibe+PCSK9

Very Low LDLs, even when below 40, are not harmful in any way
Dr P.C. Manoria, Cardiologist and physician, Bhopal, Are LDL Level Monitoring Mandatory in CAD?
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Dr. PC Manoria

Cardiologist and physician

Manoria Heart and Critical Care Hospital, Bhopal

“When you use diet alone, cholesterol may decrease by 10% or 15%.  Use of statins reduces another 50%. PCSK9, when added, produces an additional 50% reduction,” says Dr. PC Manoria “Diet can decrease the intake but PCSK9 inhibitors are the only pathway for clearance of cholesterol through the LDL receptors.” “Following the reduction in cardiovascular events shown by two trials namely, Odyssey and Osler, the FDA and EMA have approved two PCSK9- evolocumab and alirocumab.”

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Chronic Total Occlusion

Dr. Samin Sharma In Conversation with Dr.Brian Pinto

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Dr. Samin Sharma

Interventional Cardiologist,

Mount Sinai Hospital, US

Dr. Brian Pinto

Chief of Cardiology

Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai

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