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Today we will be speaking to you on echo and ECMO. Why do we need a modem such as echocardiography for a successful outcome on ECMO. The answer is very simple, we use it to choose the patients judiciously, we use it to put all our cannulas of the right size in the right place, we use it to monitor our patients well so that we have successful outcome and we also use it to see complications like thrombosis and venous scars around these cannulas and finally echocardiography helps us in needing patients from ECMO. ECMO the venoarterial or the venovenous as we directly move about it first started by Robert Barklet in the world. On the meconium aspiration of patient who was coming for an ASP is an excellent tool to save a failing heart as well as the failing lungs. So whether we use ECMO for an ARDS patient the venovenous ECMO or for a patient (01

00) with myocarditis, cardiomyopathy or in a low cardiac output following cardiopulmonary bypass, we always would need echo and echo has become life, the run of an ACT because we give heparin very essential to choose our patients. So let us say to select the patient well do we need an ECMO on an AR patient or a patient with aortic dissection or in a patient with an intact interatrial septum, no, BFO or an ASP, the answer is a big no. So when you choose your patient you must be able to see a clear SVC, a clear IVC, a mixed cavity of the right atrium. You do not see a right atrial appendage on a TEE on an echo but you see it very beautifully on transthoracic echo and simultaneously when we are ruling out our patients echo also helps us to choose the right cannula (02

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