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With Yoga you avoid diseases like Heart Disease, Diabetes and Hypertension

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I have a lot of experience in training people with yoga. Elderly people who have heart disease can also do yoga even if the cannot sit on the floor. The most important are these young executives who are under tremendous stress and we are seeing more of more are coming to heart disease. People think that yoga is a very complicated practice, it is not. We need to learn it for an hour or two. Once you learn it, you develop so called yogic attitude. Even if you get 5 or 10 minutes, you can take some deep breathing or do some meditation, etc. It is not difficult at all to learn from a good teacher. If you learn it you can whenever you have free time one can do it. I always advise young executives before they go for a meeting which is going to be very controversial or heated meeting they must do meditation. There are many offices in the world now who are having meditative rooms that before a controversial meeting they ask the people to just sit down quietly and do meditation. (0100) Even sitting in silence, silence has tremendous power for about two or three minutes before a meeting or if you are having any controversy at home if you can do it, it can help you quite a lot in decreasing the stress and once the stress is reduced all other problems apart from that you or a calm and cool person, you avoid diseases like heart disease, diabetes and hypertension.

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