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Dr. Sundeep Mishra: Rising Violence Against Doctors

Communication gap has emerged due to change in doctor-patient relationship
Dr Sundeep Mishra, Professor of Cardiology, AIIMS,  New Delhi, Violence against Doctors
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Dr. Sundeep Mishra

Professor of Cardiology, Editor-Indian Heart Journal

AIIMS, New Delhi

“Doctors cannot give you immortality, they can only take care of discomfort and prolong life to some extent,” says Dr. Sundeep Mishra, highlighting increasing cases of doctors being beaten up by relatives of lost patients. Attributing this violence to the changing doctor-patient relationship, Dr. Sundeep Mishra says, “Initially, the doctor-patient relation was like that of a parent and a child. A Child knows that a parent’s decision would be for the best. But now, this relation has turned into a client-vendor like contract.” “Earlier, the elite only comprised 5% of the population and the working class was known to be simple, obedient and disciplined. When a new class, the intellectual class emerged, everything began to be questioned and challenged. Suddenly, this child wanted answers for every decision from parents, and if he didn’t get them, he would become violent.” “In this era of communication, doctors need to effectively communicate risks of side effects and mishaps. Since patients like to be informed, they can be given literature to read, so that they themselves reach the same conclusion as the doctor suggested.” “Even if a doctor has been negligent, people must approach the court of law instead of taking authority in their hands.”

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