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Dr.Nishit Choksi

Director,Vascular Interventions

WM Beaumont Hospital,USA

Take home message here would be that if somebody has blockage in the renal arteries and if there is severe recent onset accelerated severe malignant hypertension/pulmonary edema/unstable angina, these patients would benefit a lot from renal artery stenting if appropriate workup with hemodynamic assessment of these lesions have done.

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Dr.Nishit Choksi

</b>I thought that I will deliver few thoughts and teach to the delegates and in the bargain actually I learnt a lot myself. I was thoroughly impressed with the physicians who take care of complex vascular problems in India with very limited resources. Having said that let me give a synopsis of my topic. I have had four topics during this conference and I will give you short synopsis. My first topic was about renal artery stenting. As you know in 1990s and 2000, the renal artery stenting increased in numbers but then a flow of studies came out suggesting that it will not help and therefore it has been on the vein if the renal artery stenting is concerned for treatment of hypertension but there have been few observations (01

  • Heart attack
  • Primary PCI
  • Angioplasty
  • Heart Failure
  • ECHO

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