Nuclear Cardiology: A breakthrough in non-invasive modality

It can show deficit in Myocardiac perfusion and viability of the heart muscle
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Dr. GN Mahapatra

Sr. Consultant & Head Dept. of Nuclear Medicine

Seven Hills Hospital, Mumbai

“Nuclear cardiology is an important non-invasive modality, which can help ascertain viability of the heart muscle by measuring the myocardial perfusion deficit. A stress myocardial perfusion can give this important piece of information to the cardiac surgeon performing angioplasty or bypass surgery,” says Dr. GN Mahapatra, Consultant and Head of Nuclear Medicine and PET from Seven Hills Hospital, Mumbai. New innovations in Nuclear Cardiology help plan a treatment by detecting a vulnerable plaque, which can block a major coronary artery. Talking specifically about major advances, Dr. Mahapatra says, “A stress myocardial perfusion scan with a PET perfusion imaging agent is better than the stress thallium myocardial perfusion scan. A gamma camera called D SPECT gamma camera gives the image quality of a myocardial perfusion scan using comparatively lesser radiation.”

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