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Attack heart attack with the Smart Heart App

Dr. HK Chopra

President, Cardiological Society of India

Moolchand Hospital

India has become the world capital of diabetes, hypertension and metabolic syndrome and soon enough it will also lead in coronary artery disease. A smart heart app can go a long way in helping attack heart attack. It can show symptoms of heart attack, call a mini van in the vicinity during an emergency, transfer patient’s ECG to a cardiologist and suggest clot buster immediately. In India, only 10% of patients are having access to the primary PCI. So, 90% of the patients need a clot buster like TNK or streptokinase. “Creating integrated ambulance service is the first step towards improving our emergency services (EMS). Every welfare association of a colony should have an ambulance service and hire a driver round the clock.” By creating integrated services for heart patients, we can save lives of all those people who die of heart attacks in their very homes, the percentage of these people being 50% of all heart attack victims.
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