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A study on improving the ACL reconstruction

Overcoming limitations of a tripled graft to make it the best graft possible
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Dr. I Geethan

Orthopedic Surgeon

<b>“Although a tripled graft is not as good as a quadrupled graft, it has a few other advantages. The objective of my study was to overcome limitations of a tripled graft to make it the best graft possible. This will enable better ACL reconstruction output,” says Dr. Geethan</b>

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Dr. I Geethan

</b> I am Dr. Geethan from Trichy and I have been awarded a ISKSAA’s Orthopedic Surgeon’s Award and first of all I would like to thank Dr. Raghuveer Reddy and all the organizers of this IAS in Hyderabad which has been a wonderful experience for me and I trained in arthroscopy by my mentor Dr. David Rajan and thanks to him. This study was on doing the anterior cruciate ligament better. So sports injuries are common occurrence. In India, it happens not only for sports persons, but also anybody who travels in two wheelers that means virtually everybody and this study was how to do a ligament reconstruction better than what is being done now. So my study was a simple one to decide on how best to use the graft. The graft which we commonly use is either quadruple or triple but in our study we found that when we triple, that is we do a technical tripling of the graft that is not as good as using a quadruple graft though the tripling has few other advantages. So in my study, I focussed on how to reduce those limitations of tripling graft so that we can get the advantages of the tripled graft at the same time minimizing its disadvantages so that becomes the best graft possible. This will help the surgeons to do better ACL reconstructions and ultimately resulting in better patient outcome. Thank you.

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