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Complete Transcript:

Dr. K Venu Gopal Hi, I am Dr. K. Venugopal the past president of Cardiological Society of India. In 2014 in Agra, we first started the Cardiac Prevent Program of the Cardiological Society of India. I am extremely happy to note that this particular program has been taken to greater heights by the past president, Dr. Ashok Seth who is now sitting with me here and I would like to listen to Dr. Ashok Seth’s views on this particular project.
Dr. Ashok Seth Thank you Dr. Venugopal. It is a great meeting that CSI (Cardiological Society of India) and you created. The focus of Cardiological Society of India has always been on Preventive Cardiology. We have to prevent heart diseases in this country because this country is becoming the center for cardiac diseases, 50% of the deaths from heart diseases happen from this country and it is taking epidemic proportions. So, it is just right that Cardiological Society of India takes this meeting forward and I am fortunate that I have been nominated to actually be the chairman of the organizing committee. We have great initiatives coming out of this meeting with the focus of our parent body, we want to educate people, we want to spread the awareness of prevention of heart disease in the country, not just for preventing it, but even those people who have been affected by also need to prevent re-happening of those heart processes. We want to bring in initiatives for actually beating heart attacks, conquering heart attacks, time is the need and necessity of the hour, the faster we get treatment the better we become, the awareness needs to go forward and very importantly we as a Cardiological Society of India need to create influence policies in this country for prevention of heart disease and not just prevention, we talk about every aspect, say, smoking and diet.
Dr. K Venu Gopal I am very happy that you brought it out.
Dr. Ashok Seth Trans fats, the amount of trans fats in our diet what collectively as a country, as a nation are we doing towards creating legislations around heart disease and actually creating policies for the next 5 years and 10 years after all, we want to decrease heart disease by 25% by 2025, so I think we need to get together to actually aim at it.
Dr. K Venu Gopal Don’t you think that the Cardiological Society is the premier society or the institution which should spread this message across the country.
Dr. Ashok Seth I absolutely agree Dr. Venugopal. Cardiological Society of Indian is the 60-year-old foremost body, more than 5000 membership, every cardiologist and every physician who practices Cardiology in this country is a member of our body. So, we are esteemed to be perhaps one of the oldest bodies around the world.
Dr. K Venu Gopal Yes, we are even older than the American College of Cardiology.
Dr. Ashok Seth Yes, you are right, we are older than the American College of Cardiology and therefore, yes, it is not just our mandate, it is our responsibility and its our initiative, it is a focus, in fact it is our mission to actually decrease heart disease in this country and we be a source and be a component in fact every thing that we create has to be partly about development of Cardiology definitely and we have done that tremendously. We have excelled in science, we have excelled in our teaching, we have excelled in our annual scientific sessions, which are appreciated across the world.
Dr. K Venu Gopal Intervention Cardiology probably, we are second to none in the world, yes, but then this is one area which the society has lagged behind, that is prevention of cardiovascular disease in the country and I think the people like you have taken a lead that is very-very important to us.
Dr. Ashok Seth We all are together and at the end of the day we understand the benefits of it. Just treatment is not going to take us forward, it is going to be prevention. So I think we are aiming at multiple facets during this meeting and we are aiming at a part from actually making sure that we have public education; apart from making sure, we create applications, apps for public who are able to then assess their own risk factors and in fact have them interactive with us to be able to treat their own risk factors and decrease their incidence of heart disease. We are actually going into education in a big way, we are going into advocacy in a big way, we want that this meeting should actually lay down the path for the next 10 years for prevention and eradication of heart disease in this country and I think we are going to actually have major, major initiatives coming from abroad including ourselves, great scientific content, speakers, a lot of science discussed, and cardiac prevent conference will revolutionize.
Dr. K Venu Gopal Yes.
Dr. Ashok Seth The ideas about prevention of heart disease in the country are practically concretized it amongst all stake holders.
Dr. K Venu Gopal I think sir it is a great statement coming from a person who is an interventional cardiologist that we have realized that it is not Interventional Cardiology alone that is going to solve the problems for us, but primary preventive aspect which requires a participation not only from cardiologist, right down from the community level onwards.
Dr. Ashok Seth You are so right. See, as an interventional cardiologist where I treat so many patients with angioplasty and stents and then when they come back five years later with another new blockage, when they come down 10 years later with three new blockages, it is very frustrating. I think if only Preventative Cardiology could have been instituted perhaps even my results would have lasted for 15 years and 20 years. I think it is key whether we treat patients on medication, whether we treat patients with angioplasty and stents, whether we actually treat patients by surgery, the single most cementing factor which will give us longest term benefits is Preventive Cardiology in every heart disease patients and that is why no body can actually stay out of it, you all have to be a part of it and take this forward in a big manner.
Dr. K Venu Gopal I think you have given a great message to the entire country as a past president of Cardiological Society of Indian, I think this is the way we have to move forward. Thank you so much.

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