Spirituality: A positive influence on health

The non-spicy and less-oily vegetarian food, spiritual & physical exercises and the peaceful environment at Brahma Kumaris is helpful.
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Dr. Kanta Nanda

Senior Consultant Gynaecologist

Dr. Kantha Nanda, from the University of Alabama, appreciates the serenity and peace that rejuvenates visitors in the campus of Brahma Kumaris. She also praises the simple, yet healthy lifestyle of its residents, complete with a nourishing diet, exercises, peaceful and stress-free minds, in an interview with Dr. HK Chopra, President CSI (Cardiology Society of India).

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Dr. HK Chopra

Dr. Kantha Nanda coming all the way from the University of Alabama and Birmingham.I know Kantha for almost past 35 years now. Dr. Naveen Sunanda has been my teacher and she has been like a mother who nurtured us and brought us to this level of having an conference at WCCPCI. She is here in every possible conference and she always comes with a smile and goes and leaves a lot of impressions of smile. Kantha, I would like to have your opinion about this conference that you are attending for the last 10 years now, what do you think the women health will be influenced by the conference so far as the health of the heart is concerned? What kind of message you would like to give it to the audience that women heart can be really influenced by adopting a healthy style what we see in this conference. We would like to have your message, Kantha.

Dr. Kanta Nanda

It is going to be very helpful because the atmosphere is very peaceful in Brahma Kumaris and what I want that the life is very simple. There is peace, prosperity,exercises people are doing, the food they are eating is vegetarian food, not much oil and not spicy. It is a healthy food, healthy atmosphere,exercises, and with spirituality domain. It is medicine and spirituality which is extremely helpful to them.

Dr. HK Chopra

Thank you very much Kantha. I think you gave a beautiful message. I have with us two more important International Faculty Members, one is from Brazil and one is from United States who are going to give a message on the healthy heart. Thank you, Kantha. I think your message will be taken and it will help us.

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