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Back To Basics With The SCAI Fellows Course

The SCAI Fellows Course Gave Attendees A Chance To Refresh Their Memories
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Dr. Matheen Khuddus

Director Of Cardiovasular Research

The Cardiac Vascular Institute

"I have the pleasure of being here with Dr. Ramesh Daggubati on behalf of the SCAI"- Dr. Matheen Khddus at CSI-NIC 2016. Over the two days of the fellows course they covered the best practices in interventional cardiology, and also reviewed topics related to cardiovascular medicine.

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Dr. Matheen Khddus

I have the pleasure of being here at the NIC mid term meet with Dr. Ramesh Daggubati on behalf of the SCAI Society of Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions along with the pleasure of collaborating with the NIC to host a fellows course to provide the best practices in interventional cardiology and review many common topics related to cardiovascular medicine and vascular medicine. I have the pleasure of covering topics ranging from radiation safety to the basics of radial artery access as well as the disease burden related to peripheral arterial disease and CLI and talking about some unique complications that are important to the interventional operator. Overall, the fellows course on behalf of the SCAI, I believe, is very successful in providing a comprehensive assessment and overview of important issues in interventional cardiology.

  • Heart attack
  • MI
  • ECG
  • Hypertension
  • Bypass surgery
  • Stent

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