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Insights from the world's best medical minds
Insights from the world's best medical minds

Dr. MH Hamdard

Dr. MH Hamdard ,Challenges of lower limb disease, diabetic foot and PID
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Dr. MH Hamdard

Interventional Cardiologist,

Bahk Medical Hospital,Afghanistan

My role as a vascular podiatrist is to develop from general podiatrists who are trained for three years, a BSc, one is under graduate and then podiatry is the practice of assessment diagnosis and management of common lower limb diseases.

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Dr. Hussain Hamdard

In our situation in Afghanistan, a lot of patients are there, especially in cardiac patients when they admit in our hospitals, before just we do medical equipment. Now a days by cooperation of the Indian Medical Team and also now we established a cath lab and we can do intervention there (03:00). Also we need a lot of help from Indian government and Indian doctors especially from APVIC course, director and manager to do more help to us to progressing to learning a lot of new techniques especially like this course, a lot of new matter and new techniques we learned. In the future also we hope this contact be for a long time and we came, we learned, also the Indian team should come there. I invite to come there and on the live case he can do more help to us.

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