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Indian Heart Journal touches new heights under Dr. Sundeep Mishra

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Dr. MK Das

Consultant Cardiologist

<a href="" target="_blank">Calcutta Medical Institute, Kolkata</a>


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Dr. MK Das

</b> Hi, I am Dr. Mrinal Kanti Das, Honorable General Secretary of Cardiological Society of India. I am very glad that we have got a very powerful Indian Heart Journal under the stewardship of Dr. Sandeep Mishra who is also the Professor of Cardiology in All India Institute of Medical Sciences and he is being supported by executive editor, Dr. Rama Krishna who is the Additional Professor of Cardiology All India Institute of Medical Sciences. In fact, under their stewardship, we have found that the color of the Indian Heart Journal has changed to a significant extent, not only in the scientific content but also in the social content as well because you can see that there is a touch of heart in many of the topics which actually will increase the interest amongst people not only the cardiologists but also the physicians and those who want their patients to be treated in a very-very good way. So with these few words, I would like to congratulate our editors and executive editor who are doing extraordinary job to actually raise the standard of Indian Heart Journal to a sort of international level and I am sure that it will have a great impact factor and not only that it will have a telling influence on all the practicing cardiologists because of the various natures of the articles that are being contributed day off and day on and with this I again thank you all for patient hearing.

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