. Surgery is more painful and takes longer to heal sports injuries"> . Surgery is more painful and takes longer to heal sports injuries">
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Insights from the world's best medical minds

Minimally Invasive Key Hole Procedures Minimize Rehabilitation Period

Dr. PC Jagdeesh, Consultant Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Surgeon, Fortis Hospital, Bangalore, Minimally Invasive Key Hole procedures minimize rehabilitation period
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Dr. PC Jagdeesh

Consultant Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Surgeon

Fortis Hospital, Bangalore

"Minimally invasive table procedures are replacing surgery for all types of sports injuries because of less pain and quick recovery," says Dr. PC Jagdish. "Late presentation is a major problem in cases of sports injury. A lot of time is wasted in consultation with local doctors and physiotherapists, without having the real problem diagnosed and pin-pointed."

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Complete Transcript

Dr. PC Jagdeesh

The Sports Medicine in India has good start some 15 years back. It has not emerged as a specialty. Now recently it is gaining that due to because some individual independent surgeons they are all operating in a particular field. Before what we used to do, when we got a fall, a ligament injury or a shoulder injury, we used to cut open and we used to do the ligament reconstructions or they used to address a problem. But nowadays it is gone. So we can do all those and sport related injuries can become small table procedures. What we can do, we can make two or three holes around the joint and we can address a problem, so thereby what happens, the rehabilitation or the patient can go back to their original activities quicker not even wasting their time. In the open surgeries they had to take rest, they have to take medicine and they have to cut off from their all working and other activities and all. So here rehabilitation is faster, they can come back to their original work and moreover the pain is less compared to the open procedures. It is a small cable procedure, the pain is absolutely very, very, very minimal and their confidence also will improve when they start the rehabilitation. So in this way, slowly the minimal invasive procedures is getting more and more popular in Indian scenario when related to the sports as well as to non-related sports accidents. Because so many other accidents due to the fall also will happen, and the road traffic accident happen, when the two-wheeler rider gets injured, so he also gets ligament injuries similar to the accident that happen to sports. So all these problems can be addressed through a key hole procedures wherein the rehabilitation as well as the negative problems related to the open procedures can be minimized to very much extent. Another problem that happens usually primarily in the sport injuries, they come late. When they have injury they will try to get a consultation with the physiotherapist otherwise some local doctor and get the medicines but they do not try to solve the problems, what is the exact problem which they have injured. Here is an example, an international kick boxer, he came very late after the injury. He was not telling what exactly his problem was, he has consulted so many doctors and wasted ample of time, which we could solve immediately. Though he came late, we could diagnose his problem what is there in the joint, which ligament which was stretched and there was lot of swelling in the joint which he tried to reduce it by taking the medicines and when he came to me, almost eight months was lapsed. That time when I found that there was ligament that was getting stretched and there was inside, between the ligament and then one was which is hitching, the meniscus was hitching. That was the one problem which was giving him, and that person could not be able to get it solved. So we solved the problem and now he is able to get to the sports activities very actively with adequate rehabilitation. What I mean to say is not to waste time period between the period of injury and getting the consultation. As early as possible get the consultation and get to treat the problem, solve the problem and you can get back to the sports activities

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