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Insights from the world's best medical minds

The Indian Heart Journal Regains Momentum Under Dr. Sundeep Mishra

Move on to turn it in into a monthly publication soon

Dr. PK Deb, Dr. Santanu Guha

Dr. PK Deb, Past President, Cardiological Society of India, Chief Cardiologist, ESI Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Kolkata, Dr. Santanu Guha, President Elect, Cardiological Society of India, Sr. Cardiologist, Nightingale Hospital, Kolkata, The Indian Heart Journal regains momentum under Dr. Sandeep Mishra
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Dr. PK Deb

Past President, Cardiological Society of India, Chief Cardiologist

ESI Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Kolkata

Dr. Santanu Guha

President Elect, Cardiological Society of India, Sr. Cardiologist

Nightingale Hospital, Kolkata

More than 50% Indian patients live in ar...: Dr.Santanu Guha

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Complete Transcript

Dr. Santanu Guha

Hello, I am Dr. Santanu Guha. I am the president elect of Cardiological Society of India. This Indian Heart Journal is the official mouthpiece of Cardiological Society, we call it, it is the face of the society. Several very able editors edited this journal over several years and there have been gradual changes and improvement in the quality of the journal. Presently, the editor is Dr. Sandeep Mishra and we are having a new face of this journal over last few months. We had made an archive of this journal, which was not present earlier and we have almost completed our archive. This is presently having an impact factor as well. Now regarding this journal, I have with me Dr. P. K. Deb who is a very respected past president of our society. I will request him to have his opinion on this Indian Heart Journal.

Dr. PK Deb

Ok, in fact as official mouthpiece of Cardiological Society of Indian, in fact I find that there are good many editors of Indian Heart Journal, if I remember Dr. Khalilullah, Dr. K.K. Sethi and Dr. D.S. Gambir, they all worked well, then Dr. Behl, so far as I remember in fact Dr. Behl did a extremely good job for Indian Heart Journal and then in fact now Dr. Sandeep Mishra is working very good. He is working with the exceptions. During last three months, I find that the Indian Heart Journal has in fact had regained some amount of blood I believe. Believe it, it is now the impact factory is good, the quality of printing is good, quality of reading material is good, the topics being published are good, and I think it is a definite development during the last few months during the last few articles.

Dr. Santanu Guha

On the top of it perhaps we are receiving a number of articles from overseas, from Europe, America and other places and these articles are increasing. I had a talk with our editor just a few hours back, he said it is almost reaching 50-50, 50% of the articles are coming from India and rest 50% from overseas. It is good.

Dr. PK Deb

Yes, more than that overseas reviewers also. It is being properly reviewed now and this review is being done very quickly.

Dr. Santanu Guha

Ya, he was telling we are having one of the quickest review systems of any cardiology journals. So within two weeks any reviewer initially perhaps sees whether he is going to accept the job and within four weeks he sends his opinion. A very pretty fast system and this perhaps helps in publications of the articles very quickly.

Dr. PK Deb

And more than that in fact the journal was being published very two months and now I believe it is being discussed that it is going to be published every month in a very short time, in a very-very short time and that is a very definite development for the journals.

Dr. Santanu Guha

This is a very definite very positive development and in fact we are having a number of supplement issues, three four supplement issues used to come. So if you add up all most we are having a monthly issue and now it will be formalized and the supplements issue will be additional.

Dr. PK Deb

yes, yes I can believe that we are competing with the international journals like Indian Heart Journal and JACC something like that and it is a national pride for us also.

Dr. Santanu Guha

Let us look forward to those days when this will be kept in the same row with the famous international cardiology journals like JACC, European Heart Journals and other.

Dr. PK Deb

And we are very hopeful. Thank you.

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