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Insights from the world's best medical minds
Insights from the world's best medical minds

Reconciling Science And Spirituality

We have strayed from the true purpose of life by alienating science from spirituality
Dr. Rick Levy
Dr.Rick Levy, Clinical Psychologist,USA, Mind-Body Intervention for a Healthy Heart
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Dr. Rick Levy

Clinical Psychologist


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Complete Transcript

Dr. HK Chopra

Dear friends, I have with me Dr. Rick Levy coming all the way from Washington, USA. He is regularly attending WCCPCI for the last so many years. He is a man who is very well known to the world on Body-Mind Medicine. He has a tremendous contribution in the form of print and electronic media and publications and he conducts regular workshops in Washington D.C. I am very happy that Rick and Lisa both are with us as usual every year. Rick, what do you think is going to be a very important message of the Mind-Body Intervention for a healthy heart because we know that this sophistication technology, there is a rising in India, in Asia, and I think in the world also? Do you think Mind-Body Intervention will help us?

Dr. Rick Levy

I actually believe that we can get rid of heart disease. That is a radical statement and we have to make a few changes, but I think that when we take a mind-body-spirit virtuous we have the variability of doing. The purpose of life is not simply to survive as long as you can. Western Medicine became alienated from spirituality and religion long ago and for good reasons given the history with the Catholic Church that science had, science had no choice but to have that separation come in. However, it has created an alienation from basic purpose of life. Science has only been able to have as a consensus well, try to live as long as you can, but the purpose of life spiritual people know is in fact When you break-in like Dr. Chopra does, Mind-Body-Spirit with this wonderful conference that we have each year, we start to become aligned with the true purposes of life and we not only get all the benefits that we can bring about to our knowledge of science, but we get spiritual help from God. Not only the power of an individual growing, but actually circumstances and the events go better for the individual because that person is now seeking the true meaning and purpose of life coming to know God. Dr. Chopra has been bringing these two directions together now for many years. Bringing the science and the spirituality into a better dialogue so that our treatment becomes far more effective by our becoming aligned with what are the real purposes of human life.

Dr. HK Chopra

Thank you Rick, I think you brought a very beautiful statement and you mentioned that the spiritual health is very-very important. We have to follow the spirituality if we really want to reduce the rising menace of coronary artery disease . He also mentioned that we need to have a paradigm shift in the consciousness-based approach for a healthy heart and not immaterial-based approach. There is no doubt that the pills work. There is no doubt that the intervention works. In emergency, there is no doubt the pills work even in the intermediary treatment to prevent the hard demands of coronary artery disease to a very large extent. What he says, we must have such technology and such method that we should not produce any toxicity. No side effects. There should be only side benefits and Rick was very categoric. He says he believes in heart wellness program more than a heart illness program and I think this is a conference where we are going to have more of a heart wellness program and not the heart illness approach. Rick, I think you gave a very beautiful statement and I am sure in the years to come, we are going to follow the capsule or the methodology which you give as a message to all the audience 04:00 not only in India but also the whole world. I think you are going to make a dramatic change in the years to come. We need to enhance and see the influence of spirituality on the genomes and the genetic expression as to how it changes so that the world believes what we are talking about it. We talk of evidence-based data. Without evidence base, nobody believes today and I am sure here is the method by which we can create a new thinking process in new dimension so that we all have a healthy heart at least till the age of 80. After 80, it is God’s wish.

Dr. HK Chopra

Thank you, Rick. I really enjoyed. What is your final message?

Dr. Rick Levy

Finally is that we follow your leadership. You are blazing this forward for the whole world. We are honored to be associated with you and very happy to simply follow your leadership.

Dr. HK Chopra

Thank you, Rick. I think we all have to work together. It is a team work. One person as an individual can do nothing. It is a team work and I am very happy. We have people from United States and a very important man from Brazil, I am going to call Daluz to give his statement. I saw him and met him in Santiago in ACC meeting and I was very impressed by his expression, his thinking process and his understanding. I will invite Daluz after the interview is over with Rick Levy.

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