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The Indian Arthroscopy Society meets international standards

The most challenging category of patients after sports persons are middle aged housewives, who play a vital role in running nuclear families
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Dr. Sachin Tapasvi

Joint Replacement Surgeon

Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune


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Dr. Sachin Tapasvi

</b> My name is Dr. Sachin Tapasvi. I hail from Pune which comes from Western India. I run two centers there called the Orthopedic Specialty Clinics. I am basically a knee, shoulder, and hip surgeon as well. I do not restrict my practice to arthroscopic surgery, so I have a fair share of joint replacement surgery as well. This is basically because I believe that the patient needs to be treated on the whole. It is not just arthroscopy, but you should have that entire plethora of treatment options to offer them and I take great pride and enjoy my clinical practice thoroughly. Sports persons are very challenging group of patients. You know they are a different ball game. They are like animals, very difficult to control, but in addition to that very interestingly the other group of patients which I find extremely challenging to treat are you believe it or not actually middle aged house wives and the reason is that with current nuclear family status, which is in India now and basically all the level 2 and level 1 urban centers you find that there is this lady who is running the whole family and if she comes down with an injured knee like a torn cartilage or a torn piece of tendon in her shoulder, then it becomes hell for the family because the whole family revolves around her and I find that next to sportsmen these middle aged housewives who run the family are absolutely challenging to treat. I was very fortunate because I took over the post of the secretary of the Indian Arthroscopic Society about four years ago. I worked as the joint secretary for the first couple of years and then for the last two years I have been watching as a secretary. I think in the last two years we have seen the overall look of the Indian Arthroscopy society sort of take a huge transition to that of international standard. We have got new features. We have got excellent website now, which is an interactive website. We have got an IAS app in which all converse, post their case of the month or they usually post the technique, which is extremely useful and with these new exciting technology driven features you know the website has lot of visitors not just from India, but from abroad as well and this has been extremely well received. You know, it says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and it is no different with any professional actually. So all of us in our busy schedules, trying to work, squeeze in 14 to 15 hours a day, we do definitely you know manage to take some time out and you know do things that we like doing. For myself, I can definitely say that my passion is basically doing world life photography, so whenever I get time I am running out trying to go into all these weird places. So I am much planning these wild life goes much much in advance rather than planning my conferences and meetings, which is very interesting. So I head off to Canada now in January to try and photograph the snow leopards and then do big expedition in Spitti Valley in February at sub 0 temperatures to try and get glimpses of the snow leopards. So I think these are these inherent things, which keep driving us, which is very important. So if you look at the different advances that have taken place I think, the new research, new technology, all the current concepts which are worldwide, I think it is very important that we act as international ambassadors and share that knowledge who all our colleagues back home. Definitely newer things like how do we treat the rotational instability of the knee. What do we do when there are more than one ligaments injured. That is something that really needs to be put forth. So I think quite fortunate and lucky that I could do live surgical demos of these particular problems over the last couple of two days and I think this is basically taking or sharing where the world is and bringing it to the platform the Indian surgeon, which is very important.

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