Medial collateral ligament injuries: The most common form of knee injury

Anatomical ACL reconstructions have reduced the frequency of knee stiffness post-operation
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Dr. Schiller Jos

Arthroscopy Surgeon

Baby Memorial Hospital, Kozhikode

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Dr. Somashekar Reddy

You talked about medial collateral ligament injuries of knees. Do you think they are that common and do you think they are being treated well.

Dr. Schiller Jos

Well actually the reason why this topic was probably chosen is, the primary reason is the medial collateral ligament is the most commonly, most frequently injured ligament of the knee, but it does not get that much attention because most of the medial collateral ligament injuries, when they are not of a severe grade, they heal spontaneously and there is immense tremendous ability of this ligament to heal by itself. So it does not get sufficient attention by the surgeons, but surgeons usually concentrate on larger ligaments like the cruciates which are more disabling. But since it is the most frequently injured ligament it affects the sports person, the high demand people who need to perform when they are playing. So may be that is the reason why this topic was chosen. The points that I emphasize during this talk, is especially why we should pay more attention to this and what should be the right method of treating these medial collateral ligament injuries.

Dr. Somashekar Reddy

The other one you talked about the stiff knee after having some wonderful ACL reconstructions of the knee, is it that common that is going to ruin the result of the good operation.

Dr. Schiller Jos

Yes definitely, because the reason why we do an ACL reconstruction is to make the patient’s knee stable and also to get him back to sports or else whatever profession he is following and after doing the surgery to improve his function if he gets a stiffness that is the most disastrous thing that can ever happen and once this stiffness sets in, it is a nightmare both to the patient as well as to the doctor because you started out doing something to improve the patient’s function and you end up where the patient is totally disabled.Recently if you look at the refinements that have come in the reconstruction techniques, we do not find stiffness as commonly as we used to do may be like 10 years ago, because we have gone to purely anatomical reconstructions, we have got better plants. We know the anatomy of the ligaments much better. But once the stiffness sets it, we have to treat aggressively and the points probably what I emphasize in the talk is like choosing the right time to operate, proper physiotherapy and to anticipate problem and to treat them aggressively.

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