When was the last time you got your blood pressure checked? While two-thirds of the urban population has hypertension, only one-third of them are aware of it. Before it gets too late, adopt this formula! “Say no to the 6S- salt, sugar, saturated fat, smoking, stress, and sedentary lifestyle. Say yes to “Swasth Dil Swasth Bharath,” says Dr. Shiv Kumar in an interview with Dr. Manish Verma. “I think it is important to find the average blood pressure of cities. By reducing diastolic and systolic minimal blood pressure, we can reduce fatal events like heart failures and strokes,” he adds.

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Complete Transcript:

Dr. J Shiv Kumar Like You know the what is the average temperature of the city, what is an average rainfall of the city, what is the position index of the city we have in India, but do you know what is the blood pressure of your city. I think no. None of the cities have any idea what is the blood pressure of the city is. I think it is extremely important to know what is an average blood pressure of the city because by reducing minimal blood pressure of diastolic as well as systolic you can gain a large impact in the society by reducing the heart failure, signs and symptoms of strokes. Today almost two-third of the populations are having blood pressure and unfortunately only one-third know that they have blood pressure. Rest two-third of the people, they do not know that they have blood pressure. So it is extremely important that anybody who is above 18 years go and get their blood pressures checked once at least.There is basically an urban and rural divider also. In urban population, almost two-third of people have high blood pressure what we call it hypertension. Similarly in rural almost like 20% of the people are having hypertension or high blood pressure. Say no to 6 S, salt, sugar, saturated fat, smoking, stress, and sedative lifestyle and say yes to “Swasth Dil Swasth Bharath”.

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