Identifying the footprint of ACL Reconstruction

Improper placement of tendons on the femoral site has been the biggest cause of failure in ACL Reconstruction
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Dr. Sripathi Rao

Professor & Head, Dept. of Orthopedics

Medicare Orthopedic Spine Hospital, Dubai, UAE

<b>"Identifying the footprint of ACL on the Femur is important. One of the biggest causes of failure of ACL reconstruction has been the improper placement of the tendons, especially on the femoral site," says Dr. Sripathi Rao</b> <b>From his experience in Dubai, Dr. Sripathi says that sports injuries, specially ACL tears are very common because everybody plays football in Dubai. "But surgery is never a problem there as 90% cases are insured, unlike India, where the cost involved in surgery is a big obstacle," he adds.</b>

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