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Insights from the world's best medical minds
Insights from the world's best medical minds

Osteoblastoma Can Be Treated With Arthroscopy When Diagnosed Early

This condition can be easily diagnosed on a CT scan, but for that, the doctor must be aware of the disease

Dr. Sujit R Kardrekar

Dr. Sujit R Kardrekar, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Osteoblastoma can be treated with Arthroscopy when diagnosed early
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Dr. Sujit R Kardrekar

Orthopaedic Surgeon

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Complete Transcript

Dr. Sujit R Kardrekar

I am Dr. Sujit R. Kadrekar, presently working in Mumbai as a freelancer in arthroscopy and arthroplasty surgeon. Previously, I was working in Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital as a clinical associate. My E-poster out here describes an intraarticular osteoblastoma around the shoulder joint which can be treated arthroscopically. This is the case report mainly. Most of the time, the osteoblastoma is present around knee and other joints, but it can also be present at around the shoulder joint which can be easily missed. Patients come only with the pain. He goes to multiple doctors, for which he is treated as the musculoskeletal problem around the shoulder joint and the cervical and this problem can be easily missed if it is not properly investigated, no proper clear history is taken or clinical intervention course. This condition is easily diagnosed on a CT scan but for that you should have an idea about this, this disease can be present in this form also. If diagnosed properly early, this can be treated arthroscopically that means few puncture wounds, standard portals, no much long incision or long cut and this would aid into early rehab, early return back to work. So my experience in IAS 2014 was very nice. Lot of foreign faculties, lot of information, lot of new techniques have been learnt plus lot of few ideas from the experts, which we are likely to be missed and as a beginner, as a new comer, I require that, so I should not get stuck in any surgeries, that is what main thing I gained from these things. All the minute tricks and trades which can be learned from this great foreign faculties and all the faculties out from India, they were very nice experiences, which I can use it in my private practice and give a better benefit to my patients.

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