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Insights from the world's best medical minds
Insights from the world's best medical minds

Arthrex: Leading Innovation In Orthopaedics

Emerging technologies for the treatment of shoulder and knee joints

Dr. Trevor Edley

Dr. Trevor Edley, General Manager, Smith & Nephew Orthopedics, South Africa, Arthrex: Leading Innovation in Orthopaedics
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Dr. Trevor Edley

General Manager

Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics, South Africa

Arthrex, the platinum sponsor of Indian Arthroscopy Society annual conference, drives innovation in Orthopedics with the objective of helping doctors provide the best treatment to their patients "Selling 8000 products annually at a global level, Arthrex is at the forefront of emerging technologies in the shoulder and knee franchise," says Dr. Trevor Edley, the regional manager for Arthrex. "While Knotless anchors and the Biocomposite anchors are driving the market in the shoulder segment, New meniscal repair options and the All Inside ACL technique with GraftLink are recent trends in the knee."

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