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The Indian Heart Journal : Setting New Standards

Past President CSI Dr K Venugopal in conversation with Dr UC Samal
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Dr. UC Samal

Sr. Cardiologist, HOD Medicine

Prince of Wales Medical College, Patna

Dr. K Venu Gopal

Consultant Cardiologist

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi


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Dr. K Venu Gopal

</b> Dr. Samal, as a senior most cardiologist in Bihar, what do you think has happened to the Indian Heart Journal?

Dr. UC Samal

</b> Dr. Venu it is a wonderful question as a matter of fact. I am very impressed with the present Indian Heart Journal. I have been following it since its inception and in one years’ time it has got a new dimension absolutely; particularly it has raised a sense of patriotism amongst the Indian doctors and Indian cardiologists. People who have queued up I know them very personally with whom I interact, some of the editors queue up to publish their article in Indian Heart Journal and not only that you know migration people who run away from India to outside and the intellectual reverse migration, people from outside, those settled outside and also in overseas the people who are engaged in the field of research activity they are approaching Indian Heart Journal for publication. This is the heartiest and very respectable point for us #1 and #2 the quality has gone up. The quality always depends on the quality content and also it depends upon how appropriately is being reviewed and I can tell you this is one, review system has been very fast and the quality of the article and you know we are getting more original articles than reviewed articles because earlier you depend most of the times on the review article. So in one year’s time this is a remarkable progress and the #3 that the editor, Dr. Sandeep Mishra, has been very academically proactive for a comprehension cardiology. He is not only devoting on the main subject of the cardiology where he has gone beyond in the subspecialty. I happened to be the chairperson of the Heart Failure Subspecialty, CSI. I could see the way he is conducting himself and concern he is bringing out, what you call update not only that also but the supplement. The last point I would like to add he has been so proactive for a comprehensive cardiology workup through this heart journal that he has started working on the subspecialties and particularly addressing to heart failure. He is going to bring out one heart failure supplement, for which he has approached me and not only that you know many other ways it is going to become, I think our impact factor, which is a real measure of any journal is going to improve in a great way.

Dr. K Venu Gopal

</b> Thank you.

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