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'Bye'pass Surgeries- Your Time Is Up ???

Bypass Surgeries Are Drastically Reducing In Number Thanks To TAVI, Stents And Angioplasty
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Dr. Vivek Gupta

Senior Interventional Cardiologist

Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

Dr. Vivek Gupta says- " TAVI is now an established technique for patients of aortic valve stenosis. Not just TAVI but also angioplasty and stents, which have reduced the number of bypass surgeries. "

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Dr. Vivek Gupta

</b> I just want to give you a brief evaluation of angioplasty, coronary angioplasty in patients of coronary artery obstruction which leads to angina and heart attack. 1977 was the first angioplasty performed in Germany by Andreas Gruentzig and over the period of 15 years the stent technology was done in 1987 by Dr. Sigwart and following that in 1993, we saw that drug-eluting stents. The stent is a hallow cylinder which is placed inside the coronary arteries which helps in reducing the blockages and therefore, it relives the angina and also the mortality related to angina and heart attack. At this point of time, the bypass surgery has gone down drastically low and most of the patients are not being treated by coronary angioplasty with drug-eluting stents. 0200The coronary angioplasty and stent implantation is a nonsurgical technique for removing the blockages associated with the coronary artery disease. As we know now that in Asian population, otherwise coronary disease is the biggest killer for the human being. Earlier it was carcinoma or cancer, now it is coronary artery disease. The technology of coronary angioplasty and stenting have evolved over periods of year since 1977 when the first angioplasty was preformed in Germany then in 1987 when the first stent came up, now we are cruising through the course whether drug-eluting stents are being done very widely all over India. In India, we are almost doing more than 4 lakhs procedures per year which has evolved much more than what France and England are doing at the movement. We have higher level of population and we have higher incidence of coronary artery disease and that is why the number of angioplasty has grown much faster than other part of the world including USA, France and Europe. I must say that angioplasty now has became a very simple technique without any major complications 0300 in experienced hands and lot of new cath labs are coming up in various districts of India and we hope that we will be able treat such patients as early as possible whenever they come to the cath lab.

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