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Insights from the world's best medical minds

Changing The Aims With Changing Times

How The CSI Has Evolved To Keep Itself Up To Date
Dr. MK Das
D. MK Das, Senior Consultant Cardiologist, Calcutta Medical Institute, Resetting The Aims Of The CSI
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Dr. MK Das

General Secretary-CSI 2016, Senior Consultant Cardiologist

Calcutta Medical Institute

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Complete Transcript

Dr. MK Das

On behalf of Cardiological society of India I offer my heartfelt thanks and greetings to all of you. Before that of course I must pay my respect to all the people who are on the dais and off the dais including our president Dr. Santanu Guha, the president elect ________ then Dr. Renin Khanna Dr. Roth, Dr. Shiva Kumar and all the other people who have done excellent job in organizing this very very mammoth and prestigious conference that is the Interventional Cardiology Meeting under the auspicious CSI NIC 2016. Now, CSI is resetting its aims and objective along with time (01:00). We are focusing quite high and with the time we are changing ourselves as you can perceive. Recently, apart from the existing councils that is NIC cardiac prevent heart failure and all, we have added four more councils or advisory committees. One is International Advisory Committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Amal Kumar Banerjee. Second is National Affairs Committee under the stewardship of Dr. HK Chopra. Then registry chairman Dr. Venugopal and Scientific Advisory Committee chairman Dr. Pradeep Kumar Dev and lastly the Guidelines Committee who will be guided by our president Dr. Santanu Guha (02:00). So, in the pursuit of excellence we are trying hard and with all your cooperation and blessings will definitely be successful to make Cardiological Society of India a global power house in the cardiovascular medicine. With this, I congratulate the whole Scientific Committee Chairman and his team along with Dr. Khanna as well as the organizing committee of NIC 2016 including Dr. Roth, Dr. Shiva Kumar and all others who have done excellent job in making this conference successful. Thank you all once again. Namaskar. Long live CSI

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