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The Presidential Address at CSI-NIC 2016

Dr. Guha Talks About The Success Of The NIC, And The Path Forward
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Dr. Santanu Guha

President, CSI - 2016, Senior Cardiologist

Nightingale Hospital, Kolkata

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Dr. Santanu Guha

My fellow cardiologists, ladies and gentleman. At the outset, let me say that this is one of the finest NIC I have attended, extremely well organized by the organizing team of Dr P C Rath, Dr. Shiv kumar and the fantastic scientific fete by Dr. Khanna and his team, let us give them a big hand. I had the opportunity of organizing an NIC way back in 2013 in Kolkata, the year before at Kochi, I remember the total attendance, total number of delegates were around 1200 and in this meeting in four years’ time, the number of delegates has doubled to 2400. This is really a great achievement and this shows the interest in this particular subject and the growth of our organization (01

Thank you very much. Long live <a href="">CSI</a>.

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  • MI
  • ECG
  • Hypertension
  • Bypass
  • Surgery
  • Stent

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