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A Case Only Intervention Could Solve

A Step By Step Approach To A Case With No Alternative But Intervention
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Dr. MS Hiremath

President Elect, CSI-2016,Consultant Cardiologist

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

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Dr. Hiremath

One thing is clear from what you are seeing that patient needs a procedure. There is no medical treatment. So to me it is a low SYNTAX score and the steps could be quite definitive, so we go for PCI. In this particular case, just the location of the lesion is very critical. If patient has to come with stent thrombosis it would be a disaster. So I would probably choose ticagrelor or prasugrel to pre-treat this patient prior to the procedure and not use clopidogrel though the patient is not kind of any serious kind of situation. Between these two, I would choose heparin negative between keeping a balloon pump, no, because I feel the steps could be quite defined and if you are pretty quick on your result, you do not need to take a balloon pump (01

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  • Heart Attack
  • MI
  • ECG
  • Hypertension
  • Bypass
  • Surgery
  • Stent

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